Fall Kayaking Is Best

September and October are the perfect time to get your feet wet in the sport of kayaking! Lower river levels and a slower flow rate during the fall months provide beginning paddlers with an easier learning pace, while still offering the option of experiencing waves and other hydraulic features that are either too fast, or too big to enjoy at the higher water levels that occur during the spring and summer months. The Skykomish River, just an hour outside of Seattle, Washington is a great place to take a river kayaking class, or if you’re more into ocean paddling you can check out a beginner-friendly coastal adventure at Bowman Bay! If this is your first time in a kayak, we suggest an inflatable kayak class or tour, or an intro class before tackling a hardshell kayak. Take a lesson or two in the fall from an experienced instructor, then include some paddler-specific exercises in your winter workout plan (and get in some practice sessions and rescue training at a local kayak pool session), and be ready to immerse yourself in the perfect Pacific Northwest sport when spring rolls around and the boating community comes out of hibernation (and turns in their skis and boards) for another great season of paddling adventures! The other best thing about kayaking… it is even more fun with friends! Bring your own, or make some new ones as you embark on your boating venture!