River Gear

If Whitewater Rafting is a new experience for you, you may have some questions
about the rafting “outfit” that you’ve seen in photos


The information on this page will help to answer some of those questions. As always, if you would like additional information, please do not hesitate to email or call 425-883-9039.

Outdoor Adventures provides…

  • Neoprene Farmer John/Jane Wetsuit (Suits are sleeveless. Men/women/youth sizes available; from XXS (approx 40lbs) to 3XL for adults).
  • Neoprene Booties (Men’s sizing; size 6-14. All others should bring strap-on sandals such as Teva or Chaco)
  • Splash Jacket (if necessary, depends on conditions)
  • Helmet (if necessary, depends on river classification)
  • Paddle
  • Life Jacket (youth and adult sizes)

For most day trips we recommend that you bring… swimsuit/trunks, non-cotton shirt, and a towel. Be sure to read through your confirmation email carefully, as it will outline any additional items you should bring with you for your river adventure (see bottom of the page for more info).

*Drysuits are available for rent if you prefer neck-to-toe coverage. We recommend drysuits for our “shoulder season” river trips (April/May and Sept/Oct) when weather conditions are cooler. If you would like to reserve a drysuit for your adventure please contact the office in advance with your height/weight/shoe size. Limited number available.


Each rafter is required to wear the neoprene wetsuit that is provided. We have found that a warm paddler is a happy paddler, and neoprene keeps your body warm, even when it is wet, so you can focus on paddling and enjoying yourself. Many of Washington’s rivers are snow-melt; the water you will be paddling in was snow or ice only a few hours before you got on the river. Our highest priority is to keep you safe, and part of that is to make sure that your body stays warm. In order for the wetsuit to do its job (keeping you warm) you will need to remember to bring along a swimsuit and/or under-clothes that are made of synthetic materials (absolutely NO COTTON). If you were to wear clothing made of cotton material underneath your wetsuit, then that clothing would keep you cold once it got wet. Our wetsuits are Farmer John style (sleeveless) so you should also bring with you a long sleeved shirt, thin fleece, or paddle-top that you can put on if you need an extra layer (see information on synthetic materials, below). You can also purchase one of these tops in our gift shop, if needed. We have sizes ranging from XXS to 3XL (view size chart).


Neoprene booties (river shoes) help to keep your toes warm and your feet protected while on and near the water. Neoprene has the ability to keep your feet warm even when it gets wet, and having warm feet is important for keeping the rest of you warm as well. The rubber sole will also help to prevent any injuries to your feet as you walk near the river.


A splash jacket is provided on breezy or cool day (or by request) as a windblock and splash-block layer. Just another way we help to keep you warm so that you can enjoy the day!


Depending on the classification of the river section that you will be paddling, you and your guides may be required to wear a helmet. You will be informed of this during your trip safety talk.


Each participant gets a paddle so that you can lend a hand and power your raft. You will receive all the paddling instruction that you need to become a successful paddler! On some occasions, younger paddlers on our float trips may not be active paddlers for all/part of the trip.


Everyone on the river must wear an approved life jacket (this includes all rafters, guides, and safety kayakers). We will provide you with a life jacket and check to see that you are wearing it correctly prior to getting on the water. Safety is our number 1 priority.


Check your clothing labels. You are looking for “synthetic,” “wicking” material (but not a cotton blend). Most workout/exercise clothing and ski/snowboard clothing is made of a synthetic material – but read the label – if it says cotton, you shouldn’t wear it.

  • Polypropylene
  • Under Armour
  • Wool (though it can be bulky)

If you plan to wear glasses or sunglasses on the water, be sure to stop in at our gift shop when you arrive at the River House. We’ll help you to fit your glasses to a set of croakies straps to help prevent them from coming off during your trip. Cost is approx $7-$8.