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Northwest Rivers Forecast Center (NOAA) for the Skykomish River

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Skykomish River near Gold Bar

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Washington State River Levels

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Pacific Northwest States (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana…)

Tips on How to Read River Level Data

River Levels are most often recorded using “CFS” (this is the abbreviation for “cubic feet per second”). The amount of CFS for a river at any given time is the current river flow as recorded at a river gauge. Most rivers have several gauges located at strategic points along the river to record daily levels, and are updated approximately every 30-60 minutes. This is useful for determining snowmelt, flooding, and drought conditions, and of course, ideal rafting! Keep in mind that the river gauges can be affected by ice, wind, and mechanical malfuntions, so it is important not to rely solely on a gauge reading! Use common sense when planning a trip, and consult with someone who is familar with hazards at current conditions. There are hazards at every river level!