Outdoor Adventure Leadership Camp

Your 15-18 year old will be physically and mentally challenged during Outdoor Adventure Leadership Camp!

Our 4-day overnight camp gives your teen the opportunity to develop their leadership skills while hiking mountains, swimming rivers, biking trails, kayaking, building camp, and exploring. This year we are offering two locations! Choose from our mountain setting in the beautiful wilderness areas near Index, WA, or the incredible San Juan Islands of Washington’s coast.


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  • Location:
    Index, WA
  • Activity Level:
  • Season:
  • Length:
    4 Days
  • Experience Level:
  • Pre-requisite:
  • Ages:

We'll spend much of the week enjoying the Wild Sky Wilderness and Cascade foothills. Throughout the course, your teen will be involved in a wide range of activities and will have many opportunities to grow as a leader by assisting with decision-making and participating in activities that are designed to encourage leadership qualities (such as responsibility, making safe decisions, evaluating their own strengths and that of the group, and communicating effectively).

Our outdoor camp staff encourage and model how to make safe, effective, moment by moment decisions that lead to safety and success. Some of the leadership skills we work on include;

  • Planning ahead
  • Thinking of the group needs, goals, comfort levels
  • Assigning and accepting responsibilities and roles
  • Evaluating risks
  • Reflecting on experiences and personal performance
  • Setting personal and group goals
  • Celebrating success

2020 Outdoor Adventure Leadership Camp Dates
July 13-16 (Index, WA)
July 27-30 (Index, WA)
August 3-6 (San Juan Islands, WA)

Activities we may experience during this action-packed week include hiking, camping, kayaking, mountain biking, swimming, inflatable kayaking, river safety, camp setup, outdoor cooking, trip planning, orienteering, geocaching, etc. Your teen will learn new outdoor skills and build upon their prior knowledge, be challenged with new activities and experiences, and be an active participant in making group decisions.