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Are you a good swimmer? Do you enjoy the thrill and challenges of white water rafting? Are you seeking a career as a commercial rafting guide? Do you simply want to learn how to read the river, and know every aspect of a safe and exciting rafting experience, to enhance your personal enjoyment? Whitewater raft guide training may just be for you.


Your raft guide training will take place in beautiful Index, Washington. Adventure Rafting Company (formerly Wave Trek) has been training world class whitewater guides since 1983. The guides that train you are among the best trained, most experienced whitewater rafting guides on the West Coast.


The rafting training program goals include skills, safety, enjoyment, and job placement. Skills taught include river hydrology (reading water), how to prepare your raft prior to the trip, how to maneuver a raft downriver safely, how to prepare your crew of paddlers prior to their trip, how to teach paddling to your crew and what is the required safety equipment & what is optional.


Other skills taught are how to communicate effectively on the water, how and where to launch and land, activities and games that you can use with your crew, rafting-related terms, basic rescue techniques for water rescues, how to load and unload the raft trailer, how to rig safety and optional equipment onto your raft and much, much more.


Training Rivers involve Skykomish River (Index, WA), Methow River (Winthrop, WA), Deschutes River (Warm Springs, OR), Sauk River (Darrington, WA), Squat River (Darrington, WA) and Wenatchee River (Leavenworth, WA). Students usually have the chance to experience various whitewater rafting locations.


The raft guide training fee is $495.00. Upcoming whitewater raft guide training sessions are as follows: Session C – April 12-13, April 26-27 and May 3-4 & May 10-11; Session D – June 16-21. All training takes place on the weekends to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules.


If your are 18 or over, are a good swimmer and have a positive attitude, the whitewater is waiting for you. What are you waiting for? For more information,

go to or call 1-800-282-4043.