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Seattle Washington

San Juan Island Hopping – Men’s Journal Approved Travel

Boating the San Juan Islands Hidden in the rain shadow behind the Olympic Peninsula and the Cascades, the San Juan archipelago sees the sun 247 days a year. During the summer and early fall, when calm seas are the norm, clear skies are as common as the eagles and whales that swoop and breach in the waterways between the 400 islands, some no bigger than a rock. But the weather is just icing on the cake. These islands are chock-full of cool towns, of-the-moment restaurants, and opportunities for adventure. There is no bad decision when it comes to choosing which island to stay on, but there is a best decision: Stay on a boat. The best place to begin your week around and on…the Juan de Fuca Strait is in the funky town of Anacortes, home to Anacortes Yacht Charters,…