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Do you consider yourself an outdoors person? Would you and your family rather paddle through fresh, rushing water then stand in a long line at a hot amusement park? Does it take bracing mountain water, splashing across your bow, and your brow, to get your blood racing? Are you a Splash Family?

Welcome to the Outdoor Adventure Center. The Adventure Center has a variety of family-friendly and/or instructional adventures set up for August, including Lopez Island 3 Hour Sea Kayak Tour, Redmond to Redhook Kayak Tour and the Total Immersion Whitewater Adventure Camp.

Other adventures include Hardshell Kayak Camp, River Kayaking 1 Day Course, 5 Day Teachin’ Trip in the San Juan Island and the 5 Day Photography & Sea Kayaking Adventure Trip. Want to know more?

* Lopez Island 3 Hour Kayak Tour:

This tour is fun and perfect for most families. Kayaking through the crisp water off Lopez Island in Washington State, porpoises, Bald eagles and harbor seals may be encountered. This adventure is considered appropriate for beginners including ages 6+ with a parent. The cost is $79 per person.

* Redmond to Redhook Kayak Tour:

For those wishing to introduce children to the joys of kayaking, this tour, in Woodinville, WA, is perfect. During the 1.5 hour tour, with the pungent scent of blackberries in the air, you and your family will paddle up the Sammamish River to a mouthwatering dinner at the RedHook Brewery. This kayak tour is for all, including 6+ with parent. Cost has been reduced to $79 per person.

* Total Immersion Whitewater Adventure Camp:

If you have a water-loving teen, who likes adventure, this may be the camping experience for them. Based in beautiful Index, WA, this 4 day/3 night overnight camp is a teen favorite. At a private campground, near the banks of Trout Creek and the Skykomish River, teens, supervised by highly trained instructors, will camp, bike, hike, paddle and swim. For ages 13-16, this adventure has been reduced to $895.00 per person.

* Hardshell Kayak Camp:

Beginning kayakers, who are confident swimmers, will love this camp. Each paddler gets considerable 1:1 instruction from our friendly, fully certified instructors. Teens, five days later, will leave camp water worthy, with strong kayaking skills. For boys and girls 13-16. The cost is now only $895.00.

* River Kayaking 1-Day Course:

All you ever needed to know about kayaking, compressed into eight hours. On the Skykomish River, in Index, WA, kayakers will learn about paddlestrokes, safety gear, maneuvering through currents and much, much more. This course is designed for confident swimmers who wish to acquire basic river running skills. For ages 16+. Now only $150 per person.

* 5 Day Teachin’ Trip to San Juan Island:

For instructional adventures, this is one of the most popular. For those with basic kayaking skills, this adventure, exploring the San Juan Islands along the Pacific Northwest coast, is a top choice. ACA guides provide instruction in kayak packing, setting up camp, camp cooking and reading a marine chart, among many skills taught. Other activities include exploring, kayaking, photography, hiking, socializing, beach combing and more. For ages 16+. $1,099.00 per person.

* 5 Day Photography & Sea Kayaking Adventure Trip:

Combines 3 days paddling and exploring the San Juan Islands with a 2-day photography/digital editing workshop. Your kayak guides will provide leadership in exploring the islands, setting up camp and meal preparation. Your photography instructor, Teresa Meier, is an editorial photographer based in Oregon. In a beautiful environment with wildflowers, driftwood and curious crabs, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of nature and adventure photography. For ages 16+, this adventure takes place August 6-10. The cost is $1,400.00 per person.

Advance registrations are required for all kayak adventures. Call 425-833-9039 to book your next splash adventure.


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Outdoor Adventure Center: Splash Families welcome!