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Skagit River Bald Eagle Float Trip

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Person Ages 11+ with Parent

See Bald Eagles on the Skagit River

The bald eagles along our Skagit river float have migrated from the mountains and coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest to fill their bellies with a wealth of spawned-out salmon. Bald eagles wintering on the Skagit River Basin comprise the largest gathering of bald eagles in the lower 48 states and as many as 537 bald eagles were counted by the official bird counters of the US Forest Service.

The Skagit River valley is also known for its rich Native Pacific Northwest history and culture, dating back 8,000 years, that often centered around the rivers. The Skagit river valley is also believed to be a significant tribal hunting and fishing trade route from the saltwater to semi-arid climate of the Methow Valley, Washington.