Brent Roth

Certificates: ACA L3 Swiftwater Rescue Instructor | ACA L4 Rafting Instructor | USN Master Training Specialist | First Aid & CPR

Brent is a 20-year Navy veteran with a passion for extreme outdoor sports.  From whitewater rafting to downhill Mt. biking, mountaineering to scuba diving, he is always seeking adventures in the outdoors around the world.  When not involved in adventuring, his passion extends to mentoring and teaching.  As a Master Training Specialist and eight years as Chief in the Navy, he found his niche in life… teaching.

Keeping in mind the saying “I’m only getting older” and the saying:
Those who can, do
Those who can’t, teach
Those who can’t teach, write about those that do and teach

Its a good thing he is an exceptional teacher, because he is not a very good writer.