Fun Family Field Trip; Kayaking & Wildlife for Beginners!

School is out for the summer and it’s time to plan for some sunny day adventures with the kids! What could be better than a fun and educational paddling adventure in nearby Woodinville? Last weekend my son and I had the pleasure of joining a group of beginning paddlers for Outdoor Adventure’s Redhook Kayaking Tour on the Sammamish River – a 2 hour kayaking trip that was full of surprises!  Outdoor Adventures offers family-friendly kayak trips in stable double and triple kayaks, so your younger children can participate without too much pressure to perform as a paddler, making this a stress-free adventure for everyone. Our guides Thomas and Erin provided some basic instruction and helped us to get settled in the kayaks, then we were off for a fantastic 90-minute paddle  (including several on-water stops to take photos!). The trip begins at the Redhook Brewery and takes place on the Sammamish River, alongside the popular Sammamish River Trail. Throughout our adventure we could hear (and sometimes see) the joggers and bicyclists enjoying the trail or a ballgame at the nearby Northsore Athletic Fields. Though the river does have some moving current, it is minimal and so our paddle towards Redmond was relaxing and very enjoyable. Along the way we encountered several families of ducks and geese who were out for an afternoon swim in the sun. Other wildlife that made an appearance after we reached the halfway point and turned our kayaks around for the return trip included a river otter, 2 bald eagles and a blue heron. Our kayaking experience was fantastic – everyone had a wonderful time and we have some great pictures too! Highly recommended for your next family outing and totally doable with younger and older family members (minimum age is 6+). Just be sure to plan ahead and schedule 1 week or more in advance – this is a popular trip especially on weekends!

111 Reasons to Hike in Index, Washington

The Town of Index is known for its many recreational opportunities and day trips. With the scenic Skykomish River flowing right through town, the Index Wall climbing area overlooking it, and the many protected wilderness and park areas surrounding it, Index is truly an adventurer’s paradise. And NOW is the time to HIKE IT!

You can easily drive up to Index from the Seattle area in the morning and get in a fun fall hike before the afternoon football game! Most days in October you will leave behind the morning fog and mist of Seattle and arrive above the clouds in Index to enjoy the crisp autumn air and a bright blue sky. Located 1 hour from Seattle, Washington the Town of Index is a hiker’s paradise – you can enjoy a different hike each weekend all year round. In fact, a quick search on the Washington Trails Association website of hikes in the Cascade Mountains near Index brings up a list of 111 trails to explore! Need directions or hiking suggestions? Stop by The River House in Index for information, restrooms and great coffee. Come explore and enjoy the seasons with us!

WA Trails Association –  Hikes Near Index, Washington

Rafting Season 2013

As the first snow begins to melt the river house begins to prepare for an exhilarating season of white water rafting. The Skykomish season began in May and went through the end of July this year. Whether it is on the North Fork, the Main or the Lower, we always seem to have a good time on the Skykomish River. Guide training was also a huge success this year. Our guides know exactly how to make rafting trips safe, fun and adventurous. We had a lot of big companies come out and experience the white water this year as well as families and church camps. Time flies when you’re having fun! Looking forward to another great rafting season!

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