Whitewater Kayaking Class (Introduction)

Ready to learn to River Kayak? Do you live near Seattle or want to get in on the Pacific Northwest kayak action? We are ready to outfit and teach you the basics you will need as you progress in the sport of kayaking.  Outdoor Adventure Center’s “Introduction to Whitewater Kayaking” can give you the knowledge skill and safety needed to get you to you venues of choice from moving water to dropping waterfalls if you so choose.

Did you know that the state of Washington boasts more than 350 kayak friendly whitewater runs, many of them only a stones throw from Seattle?

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  • Location:
    Index, WA
  • Activity Level:
  • Season:
  • Length:
  • Experience Level:
  • Pre-requisite:
    Confident Swimmer
  • Ages:

This Whitewater Kayaking class is designed to introduce the novice kayaker to the fundamentals of river kayaking, this course is suitable for beginning paddlers with minimal kayaking experience. It is also suitable for students with some on-river experience who are looking to improve their basic skills under the guidance and direction of our ACA instructors. Students will follow a natural progression from calm water (or pool) to gently moving water, then class I and II whitewater.

The course consists of two days of on-water practice with a brief classroom session at the start of the day and during lunch. We keep our courses small with a high instructor to student ratio. Class size is generally between 4 and 8 students with 2-3 instructors. Both days begins at 10am and end between 5-5:30pm.